"Dolphin Kids offers an unparalleled environment conducive to learning with an ongoing commitment to develop the best facilities."
Dolphin Kids building is designed by well known school- specialized architects. The school is well lit, ventilated and also conforms to earthquake resistant structural norms. The interiors of the school are planned to have varied display areas to brighten up the surroundings for children as well as to provide them stimulants for learning. Every area is immersed in play, which comes naturally to children. They are thereby engaged and receptive to learning.


Facilities Available

  1. Healthy teacher-child ratio in classrooms: To ensure that each child receives care and attention.
  2. CCTV for round-the-clock surveillance: To ensure that children as well as the programmes are supervised.
  3. Freshly cooked healthy meals: Keeping in mind the nutritional needs of the children; fresh, healthy and balanced meals are cooked in the school kitchen under advice of a qualified in house nutritionist.
  4. Safety Gates for children, 24x7 Security: To ensure children's safety and security at all times.
  5. Medical Room: Proper first-aid facility and tie-up with a reputed hospital in case of emergencies.
  6. Channelled Music: To create a rich sensory environment for children at all times. This enhances their ability to focus and control their bodies better and consequently have higher self-esteem.
  7. Smart Class: A learning platform which enables projector based Hi-tech classroom consisting of curriculum linked applications and educational videos to accelerate learning.
  8. Transport: Dolphin Kids has its own transport system. The vehicles are air-conditioned and a lady attendant, trained in basic first aid with mobile phone, accompanies the children. The vehicles are also equipped with First Aid Box, Fire Extinguisher and Speed Governors.

Play area and equipment for development of core areas:


  1. Sand pit
  2. Splash pool
  3. Tunnel
  4. Cycling track
  5. Vegetable garden
  6. Paint play on glass wall
  7. Play station with kid friendly rubberized safety flooring
  8. Mini zoo


  1. Multi media room
  2. Music and Dance room
  3. Multipurpose hall
  4. Library
  5. Role play areas: kitchen, supermarket, hospital
  6. State of the art toys, teaching aids and learning stations
  7. Child friendly temperature controlled classrooms
  8. Story Zone
  9. Montessori Lab
  10. Soft Play Gym

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