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 Dolphin Kids provides a warm and loving environment which encourage development and intellectual growth.
We believe that children feel more secure when given realistic limits and freedom to grow. We're following the guidelines of N. A. E. Y. C (National Association for Education of Young Children, USA).
The orientation and nurturing of the students are based on the understanding of the real world that he or she lives in. Our students gain global exposure and insights through international knowledge-exchange programmes. We successfully provide holistic education that encourages students to excel in multiple disciplines, such as academics, sports, music and dramatics. Internationally benchmarked best academic practices around the globe, allow us to offer superior quality learning experience at our campus.
Healthy teacher | CCTV for round-the-clock surveillance | Freshly cooked healthy meals | Safety Gates for children, 24x7 Security | Medical Room | Channelled Music | Smart Class | Transport.

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